Our Story

by Steve Adelman, MD (MedPEP Founder)

MedPEP contributor Jane Liebschutz and I wrote the following words in an NEJM Catalyst blog piece published on August 7, 2017:

“Roughly 30 years ago (circa 1985), the physician was a knowledgeable, highly-revered healer who alleviated human suffering and cured disease on his or her terms, one patient at a time. The doctor-patient relationship was central to the art and craft of medical practice. Record-keeping, regulatory compliance, medical billing, and adherence to standardized practice guidelines remained in the background, rarely overshadowing the healing relationship with the patient or the autonomy of the physician. In today’s corporate health care environment, screen time and the ever-mounting stream of bureaucratic tasks have crowded out the main event: quality face time with patients. Frustration and pressure have supplanted the pride and satisfaction derived from alleviating the pain and suffering of a fellow human being.”

Indeed, we believe that physicians and other health professionals, individually and collectively, are mired in an occupational health crisis that is crying out for innovation solutions.  Dr. Marie Curious is emblematic of the thousands of talented and dispirited young physicians who are seeking knowledge, wisdom and techniques for improving their lot. 

These podcasts, which feature Marie and physician coach Les Schwab interacting with, and interviewing, a distinguished group of well-being and improvement experts, are a starting point for re-empowering health care professionals.  MedPEP is sponsored by Physician Health Services, Inc., a charitable organization that is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and effectiveness of physicians and medical students while promoting patient safety.